Our Priorities

At Squerryes there are 6 strands to our sustainability plan that will be applied across our estate to achieve our sustainability goals.

Any beginning of a 10-year journey to 2031 needs to start with convictions. At Squerryes, in some senses, we are also looking back to what we’ve always stood for, to help us clarify and hone our thinking. We are committed to six priorities, which will be applied across all the decision making on the estate, creating joy for the local community. To find out more on how we create joy in these areas please click on Our Projects.


One of the great joys of living and working in Westerham is the amazing network of public footpaths that connect to the Greensand Way, Squerryes Park, and North Downs Way. In fact, if you were to walk from Westerham into the countryside, you’d be walking on a Squer...
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Sustainability isn’t just about planet – it’s about people too. Squerryes has a long-term perspective, focusing on the town of Westerham to not only enhance our existing community, but also create new communities for future generations to enjoy. 
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We’ve stolen a French word that’s mostly used in the wine world. We are neither French, nor exclusively wine-driven, but it summarises how products are unique because of their place – a combination of climate, topography, tradition, and heritage. For us, joy comes ...
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Joy comes from experiencing a rich natural ecosystem, both in flora and fauna. Very often on a walk, a sighting of a rare animal, or sound of a rare birdsong, has the power to arrest and help us realise what a joy it is to be alive. We’re committed to management pr...
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Due to climate change, one-in-a-hundred-year floods have sadly become increasingly common. Regular flooding in Westerham, and downstream in the Darent Valley over the past decade has caused devastation – a trend seemingly set to further affect future generations. Find out more


Stewarding 2,500 acres of precious countryside gives us huge opportunities to make a real difference to sequester carbon. Just getting our woodland back into management alone has a considerable impact, and there are ways in which we can make further gains across ea...
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