Following a visit to Nappa Valley, California, where we experienced world-class tasting facilities, the creation of Squerryes Winery at Beggars Lane took place some four years ago. Since then, we’ve been welcoming waves of customers, with a demand becoming apparent for an estate dining and food retail experience, alongside that of wine tasting.

Following slow, yet organic growth, visitors can now enjoy the Squerryes Deli, Bottle Store restaurant, and Squerryes tasting experience, alongside our friends at Westerham Brewery. Perhaps the most gratifying of realisations is that, as the Squerryes brand has developed, Westerham and the surrounding area’s food and drink industries have grown too.

We’re keen to see Westerham thrive as much as possible, and look forward to working with local government to promote this through the creation of more spaces on the estate that provide moments of joy.