Our Estate

At Squerryes we have 7 areas of our estate that we want to focus our sustainability goals to throughout our sustainability journey.

We have determined 7 separate parts of our estate and with a brief explanation of how each can create joy. To find our more on how we create joy in these areas please click on Our Projects.


Around 40% of our thousand-acre estate is set aside for arable farming. We grow wheat, barley, oats, oilseed rape, and maize in rotation blocks, to encourage healthy soils, ecological diversity, and, ultimately, yields. Stepping back from the operational day-to-day activity has allowed us to t...
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Following a visit to Nappa Valley, California, where we experienced world-class tasting facilities, the creation of Squerryes Winery at Beggars Lane took place some four years ago. Since then, we’ve been welcoming waves of customers, with a demand becoming apparent for an estate dining and food r...
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Traditionally, farming in the valley has been a combination of arable and dairy farming, and all land that isn’t used in the arable rotation is now optimised for grazing cattle, as well as sheep. Those notable areas not only provide some of the most stunning landscapes in all of the Kent Downs...
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Community Assets

Over the last 300 years, Westerham has grown and expanded, often onto Squerryes land. There are a number of affiliations in the town that include the almshouses, church, and societies, as well as several freehold interests, such as playing fields, allotments, car parks, and buildings for Scouts a...
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Today, the estate takes ownership of around 30 residential properties and 20 commercial units. These are woven into the rural landscape around Westerham, and are managed by the Karrison team based in Market Square. Our vision is to provide long-term, good-quality, sustainable homes for families i...
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Following the devastation of the industry due to the 1987 storm, Squerryes is proud to have brought its 900 acres of woodland into active management over the past decade. In trusting local contractors to manage and harvest this space, the optimisation of our trees’ growth allows for carbon seques...
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The south-facing slopes of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty provide the perfect place to plant our vines. Today, they stretch over a vast 50-acre plot, combining the three noble varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes. The region’s terroir is of the upmos...
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