Cupids Wood Planting, February 2022

Funding has been secured to plant 18,000 trees on 25 acres of fields around Croydon Road to the North of the town of Westerham. Planting will take place in March 2022 and include a variety of tree species, sourced from British nurseries, to create a woodland which is resilient to climate change and prevalent tree diseases.

 The trees will mature and develop over the next 10-50 years to create beautiful new habitats for dormice, butterflies and extend the rich birdlife from the adjoining ancient woodland of Westerham Wood and, of course, locking in Carbon.

 A guided woodland trail will be opened to the public on private land which will link up with existing rights of way. Perhaps the most important aspect of the project is to create Natural Flood Management for water run off to avoid flooding issues in Westerham. 

We have been working strategically with the Environment Agency to ensure reduction of flooding down the Croydon Road.